Lending services.

The services are available only to users who are registered as library members.

The Conditions to have access to the services are :

Membership policy

Registration of members.

The conditions  are as follows:

All users must register themselves as members by completing the registration form.

All children must be registered by their parents or guardians by completing a registration form. 

Seychellois residents must produce their identity cards in order to register as library members.

Non-Seychellois residents, as well as Seychellois residing abroad must produce their passports or work permits in order to register as library members.


The terms for borrowing books from the library are as follows:


Seychellois who live in Seychelles may borrow books free of charge.

Seychellois living abroad needs to deposit SR 50 per book if they wish to borrow books from the library while in Seychelles.

Foreign Residents:

Foreigners who have been living in Seychelles for less than 2 years are required to deposit SR 50 per book.

Foreign Visitors:

Foreign visitors are required to deposit SR 50 per book.


The deposit is refunded when all materials borrowed have been returned in satisfactory condition.

Deposit Claims:

The person claiming the deposit has to provide the original receipt, and to produce any form of identification such as identity card, passport, driving license etc. If the claim is not made within 2 years, the deposit will be forfeited and credited to government revenue.

The person has to acknowledge receipt of deposit in the Llibrary deposit register. If the  receipt is lost, that person has to write a note to state that the receipt is lost.